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Agent advantage:
1, VIANS electric lock will build China's largest security lock brand, as the industry leader, is the electrical business of VIANS vision;
2, VIANS lock has a very perfect product line, for access control projects to provide quality electric locks;
3, VIANS electric locks products have passed the Chinese Ministry of Public Security testing, the United States FCC and  UL certification, the European CE and ROHS certification, the products are sold to more than 70 countries and regions;
4, VIANS electric lock will continue to help customers access to economic and social benefits as their responsibility;

Agent process:
1, a preliminary understanding of the company VIANS
2, the depth of inspection company VIANS
3, recognized VIANS enterprise products and their culture
4, telephone, e-mail application form or door to discuss with the staff of the company, to submit agency matters
5, submit the agent application form
6, waiting for the company to check the notice of the company
7, signed a proxy agreement
8, agency cooperation began to take effect

Agency conditions:
1, with a legitimate business qualification business;
2, has a wealth of resources, personnel and industry experience, and the intention in the region for the VIANS products to open up the market, the establishment of mutual win cooperative relations;
3, should have a stable place in the workplace and a good business reputation;
4, should be familiar with the agents of the company's products and industry market, has a good sales channels and networks;
5, to meet the company's first order quantity;
6, with strong marketing capabilities, economic base and social relations, can quickly develop distribution channels;
7, shall not operate or act on behalf of other similar products with the company;
8, should have a good spirit of cooperation, by expanding market share, access to market maximization;
9, recognized our company operating strategy, follow the unified leadership of the headquarters, to meet the implementation of the headquarters of the implementation of the implementation of the policy guidelines;

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