Why is the magnetic lock iron plate often adjusted?
A: a, check whether the iron plate loading nails;

    b, check whether the iron plate with rubber pad;

    c, the proposed customer will screw on the "screw fixative.

Why is the magnetic lock used for a while after the iron plate sucks?

A: a, check the power supply "power and voltage" 1A / 12V / 24V output is reduced.

    b, check the magnet surface is a foreign matter (such as dust, rust, foreign objects, etc.).

Why is the magnetic lock closed when the sound is great?
A: a, check whether there is rubber gasket.

    b, check the iron plate, the screw is too loose.

    c, check the magnetic lock body and the suction plate spacing is appropriate.

After the installation of electric lock can not lock, or lock the back door of a lock cylinder that is retracted?
Check whether the lock power supply to 10V or more. Whether the lock cylinder and the lock on the lock body and lock the distance is too far, so that the lock on the suction arm on the lock body suction.

After the installation of magnetic lock is not locked, or locked after the suction?
Check whether the lock power supply to 10V or more. Suction plate and lock whether the full pull, the suction plate screws can be relaxed, so that the lock and suction plate can fully pull.

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